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A new truck to better serve the population!

Here is our new refrigerated truck hitting the roads. This acquisition was possible thanks to generous donors and collaborators.

This new truck is very important for the organization. It allows La Bouchée Généreuse to be able to collect more food, to be able to pick up food from industrial landing docks and to set up a service for people aged 70 and over.

Food delivery to ensure the health of our elders:

Our mission is mutual assistance without question or condition. Unfortunately at the moment, the issue of travel is hampering some users who need food assistance. Through this project, the issue of travel is no longer an obstacle for people aged 70 and over (suffering from a severe disability).

Through a project to deliver weekly food baskets for $1, we are able to offer a basket of healthy foods to these people. And above all to allow our elders in need to feed themselves properly.



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06 February, 2024

The people of Limoilou are generous Mr. Jobidon came to us with a check of $7,003.29. If we add it to the amount collected during the 2023 Guignolée, it is a total of $14,790.29 was raised for La Bouchée généreuse. Thank to the people of Limoilou and thanks to IGA Jobidon for helping us since […]

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