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About Us

Open heart

Our mission

Provide front-line services by contributing to improving the living environment and nutrition of the poor population in the Quebec region.

Our vision

Guide and support people in addition to acquiring knowledge and experience to develop their autonomy, foster mutual respect, break isolation and develop solidarity.

Our values

We do not judge people on their religion, ethnicity or social level: Everyone is welcome with us. Every Thursday during the food distribution, our general director is on hand to receive people who feel the desire to share their worries or simply need a shoulder in a moment of distress.

Tribute to our founder

150 people crowd like emperor penguins at the entrance to 145 Boulevard Hamel. It’s 1 p.m. and it’s not hot. I often pass through here in the summer by bike for work.
I noticed the long lines on Thursday morning, but I didn’t think there were so many people on Thursday afternoon. A little girl is waiting for her parents to return with bags full of food in a van, she seems to be wondering just like me, how I’m going to get in. I’ll have to go to the back, I won’t be able to slip through.
As I go around the building, I see some poor devils searching the containers behind the building. Maybe they’re looking for leftovers, maybe there’s laundry in there?
At the same time, a truck unloads food. A small opening lets me see four or five volunteers inside the garage.

– Father Bruno Verret

Our foundation

The only organization to raise funds for La Bouchée Généreuse, the Foundation manages the major annual fundraising campaign, benefit events and monetary donations, in addition to supervising benefit activities organized by third parties.


La Bouchée generous is an NPO that has been working against hunger since 1996. Our organization was founded by Bruno Verret, the parish priest, to respond to the needs of the population. At the time, there was a significant need for a food bank in this area of the city. By founding our organization, he established a motto which is still the heart of our mission: mutual aid without question or condition. Since 1996, our organization has been trying to fight against poverty and hunger.

In 2011, we moved to our current premises at 145 boulevard Wilfrid Hamel. We were now owners. Our premises being much larger, this allowed us to help a greater number of people. Before the pandemic and depending on the time of year, we distributed between 350 and 450 food baskets weekly. Now, with the cost of living continuing to rise, we distribute food baskets to around 1,000 families weekly.

Currently, we have a thrift store and a community grocery store where more than 100 people pass by every day. These two services allow us to offer essential items at affordable prices. The community grocery store helps a large number of families save money and avoid falling into food aid. Our furniture service is temporarily interrupted due to lack of space. We had to sacrifice furniture to give additional space to our food distribution which unfortunately continues to welcome new faces.

Get to know us

Food recycling to fight hunger

This video shows how it is possible to feed over 1,000 families with food that was destined to be thrown away

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Come discover our organization and the pleasure of helping others.

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